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Discipleship Series – A Disciple Listens to Instructions

In this series I've mentioned the importance of choosing eduction and following godly leaders, taking good notes, but the final results lay solely in the hands of the student. Learning, growing and changing begins with listening and following instructions.

Trust is essential to growth, especially our spiritual growth. If we don't trust our instructor, the Holy Spirit, and don't follow his instructions, we begin to follow what we see is the right way, choosing our own understanding. We become wise in our own eyes.(Proverbs 26:5), but by following the instructions and obtaining successful results, the student is encouraged to continue.

This is an excerpt from “Footsteps of Jesus-Becoming a Disciple”

Chapter 4 Committed to Learn

In the untrained mind is where we live most of our daily lives. It is the place where decisions are made and actions are taken. It's the place where Satan can deceive us.
For us to have victory in this area, we need to learn what the Master wants us to know about His ways. He has given us a reliable source—His Word.
Although absorbing the Word of God is a massive undertaking and many principals are difficult for us to understand, He patiently teaches us at a level we can comprehend. Through careful study you'll discover on going themes in His Word, some of which I've highlighted in these chapters.
One of the commands of God was for the people to constantly keep His Word before them. They were to think about His laws upon rising and lying down. Talk about Him with children and foreigners among them. (Deuteronomy 11:19-21). His ways were to be always on their lips.
Whatever is important to us, we will keep it in focus. This is the Lord’s way of training – through meditation [thinking about] and by believing His instructions.
Recognizing He is the source of all that we have. His Word is the power that provides and protects us. If we do not value Him or focus on Him, our hearts are bound to wander in dangerous areas of unbelief, just like the Israelites.
# # #
Growth is marked by changes in attitude. The willingness to let go of non-beneficial ways of living, in pursuit of our individual mission – our Holy calling. With growth also come more challenges. We have been equipped with all we need for success, we just have to follow the instructions without doubt.

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From Carols Quill said...

"Growth is marked by changes in attitude."

So true. It's the major theme fiction writers have to struggle with for their characters. There is no story without growth--in fiction as well as real life.