Sunday, April 8, 2012

April Blog Chain

Welcome to the April edition of the Christian Writers Blog Chain. This month's topic is “Joy” I hope you will enjoy my take on this topic and be sure to visit my fellow writer's blogs listed on the right side bar.
I am thrilled to write a post about Joy, but today is also the 8th day of April, representing New Beginnings- What more fitting day to share the Joy of the Lord and what this Holy Day represents- a New Beginning for all of us!. It is my Joy and privilege to write on the holiest day of the Christian calender. Be blessed and enJoy!

He Has Risen!

Many people celebrate this day with feasts, colored eggs and parades, but these are not about the Risen Lord, it's about the Spring Equinox. For thousands of years, this event has been celebrated as a time of fertility, marking the occasion with the colors of spring and greenery.

However, today marks the greatest event in human history, the verifiable resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ! Nothing compares to this miracle! Nothing is as important as this day! On this day the Law of Moses was fulfilled. On this day the sin charged against humanity was erased and on this day New Life was breathed into the universe. Pretty spectacular, but nothing is impossible for God.

As we read in scripture, the disciples were horrified by the crucifixion of Jesus. Afraid for their lives, they hid from the religious leaders, trying to decide what their next move was. Very few of those believed what Jesus said about being raised from the dead on the third day-except a couple of women.

Because the religious leaders killed Jesus on the eve of a high Holy day – Passover, there was no time for His family to honor Him in burial. Basically, He was removed from the cross, wiped off and wrapped in cloth, placed in an available tomb. How humiliated His family and those who loved him must have felt, hastily disposing of the body, before honoring God with the celebration of deliverance.

I am sure as the disciples and others conducted the ritual of Passover, they didn't realize that Jesus was their Passover lamb which brought deliverance from the slavery to sin! He was the fulfillment of what the Passover represented when Moses led the Jews out of Egypt.

The horror of those days and the treatment of Jesus, was the way God knew this to happen. He spoke in explicit details to the prophet Isaiah about this event through (Isaiah 53) and also to the prophet King David through (Psalms 22) hundreds of years before.

I am always amazed at the ways God does things. He is not above great exhibitions of power, but I believe He loves to show His power to those who believe in him. That is His greatest Joy!

Hebrews 12:2 talks about persevering when things get rough, but I love this part of the verse “He [the Anointed One] was willing to die a shameful death on the cross, because of the Joy he knew would be his afterward. Now he is seated in the place of highest honor beside God's throne in heaven.”

What did Jesus know? Isaiah 53:11 has the answer. “When he sees all that is accomplished by his anguish, he will be satisfied. And because of what he has experienced, my righteous servant will make it possible for many to be counted as righteous, for he will bear all their sins”

This verse speaks of Jesus' Resurrection, because a dead person can not see the results of their actions. And how would he know of his heirs? This is written to those of us, who have believed in Jesus. We are his heirs, counted as righteous and sinless, in the sight of the Father. We are the reward of all he suffered.

The next part says “Now, he is seated in the place of honor” That means, “It's finished” Every thing he sat out to do is complete! Funny, how we tend to forget this part. There is nothing for us to do but believe what He did, and rest in Him.

Psalms 16:9-10 also speaks of his resurrection. “No wonder my heart is filled with Joy and my mouth shouts His praises! My body rests in safety. For you will not leave my soul among the dead or allow your godly one to rot in the grave.”

If Jesus were just an ordinary human, he could have convinced some people by the things he said and did, but there are a number of things that are beyond the power of a mere human.

He could not determine his parents, or where he was born. He could not have any authority over what was done to him on the cross or after his death. The scriptures detail many events that took place, things only God had knowledge of.

What do you believe? Has He risen and completed the purposes of God? Or is Jesus in a grave somewhere, because his disciples moved his body? That's the traditional belief of Jewish people. Search the scriptures, It's the biggest decision of your life.

As for me – Because He lives – So do I!     Hallelujah! Shout glory to His Name!

In honor of this day and the release of my new book “Footsteps of Jesus – Becoming a Disciple” Over the next few weeks, I will post excerpts from several chapters describing who a disciple is and what a disciple does.

It is my hope it will inspire you to grow in your love and understanding – sharing the Good News that He has Risen and We are Forgiven!

Have a Blessed and Peace-filled Day!


by Pegg Thomas said...

Christians are the only ones who serve a Risen Savior. Other religions follow a dead prophet. Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Terrie said...

Amen! Thank you Pegg- Happy Resurrection day!

E. G. Lewis said...

Great Easter post.
Without being overly picky, I want to correct one line. Jesus would not have been "wiped off." When a person suffered a horrendous death -crucifixion or accident- the body was not washed or cleaned because it would remove the blood and Jews considered blood the source of life. (This pactice is alluded to in The Passion of Christ where Claudia Procula and Mary mop-up his blood after the scourging.) They would have buried his bloody clothing with him if it hadn't been taken from him.
Peace, Blessings and a Happy Easter

SandiGrace said...

I like that you separated Jesus' Resurrection from the pagan practices in the first two paragraphs. Good Job. :)

You said, "Every thing he sat out to do is complete!" I agree, and I love this! He said, "Tetelestai" from the cross. It is finished - Paid in Full!

Glory to God! I feel like dancing!

Tracy Krauss said...

He is risen! (He is risen indeed!) this traditional greeting is the simple truth of our hope,isn't it?

Jack Brown said...

first a biiiiiiig Easter Hug
beautiful Joy post

Christine Henderson said...

Like the new book cover. All the best on it that it will touch and turn lives.

Terrie said...

@Edward thank you for your blessing and comment. I welcome your correction of not wiping the body - I confused the practices of burial. Peace & Blessings

Terrie said...

@Sandi- I feel like dancing too! I can't help but praise Him!!

Terrie said...

@Tracy - Amen! He has risen indeed! Peace & Blessings to you!

Terrie said...

@Jackie- Big hugs to you my brother and thank you for your blessing and encouragement. Peace and Blessings!

Terrie said...

@Christine- The cover is exactly how I imagined it. I am pleased that I was able to find that photo! It's been an exciting adventure. I know this book will encourage many! Peace and Blessings are ours in Christ!
Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

From Carols Quill said...

Perfect post, Terrie. I love the common sense and provability of Christianity. I love the prophesies fulfilled so specifically.

I'm excited to read your Footsteps excerpts to come!

Bill Jones said...

Amen - He is risen indeed!

Mike said...
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Mike said...

When I was younger I didn't understand that Jesus went willingly to the cross to complete His mission. Once that fact nestled in my heart I grew a greater sense of devotion to Christ.

Terrie said...

@Carol- thank you for your blessing and encouragement. It is truly mind blowing how detailed scriptures are. One one the things that really is that, God knew they would even throw dice for his robe. Amazing! Peace and blessings

Terrie said...

@ Bill- Amen and amen!!!

Terrie said...

@Mike-It's hard for people to imagine that someone would willing take that kind of abuse, but Jesus knew how this story would play out. I don't think he wanted to frighten his disciples with how ugly the beatings or the mockery would be, but they might have had an idea once he told them "he would be handed over" Lots to ponder-but never lose sight that He has risen!! Death lost and we won! Hallelujah

Adam Collings said...

Great overview of the biblical prophecies of Jesus' resurrection. I enjoyed reading this. I like how you point our the joy that Jesus would have felt at the thought that his death and resurrection would accomplish salvation for us. We often think of the pain and suffering he endured (which was extreme), but it's good to remember why he willingly endured it.

Terrie said...

@Adam Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Yes, He did it ALL for us - no greater love than someone being willing to lay down their for another - no greater passion than to do this for people who mocked and hated you. I stand in awe when I think on this.

I enjoy your blog posts as well! Blessings my brother

Deborah K. Anderson said...

Yes, He is risen! I believe.

Terrie Thorpe said...

Peace & Blessings Deborah! Thank you for stopping by