Friday, September 19, 2014

Seeking Happiness

A few years ago I read that people of Scandinavia are the most happiest people on earth. Those looking for happiness, I am sure packed their bags and headed there. I wonder with the influx of population after that report, if that is true today. In the article there wasn't an emphasis put on religion. When I hear things like this, I need to read between the lines. Is religion the problem with most people?
People are raised in a belief system of some sort. We all have a philosophy of life. I believe because the true Gospel of Christ has not been properly presented or taught, that Christians don't live the truth and we've actually become an enemy to the cross of Christ, more so than those who are antagonistic the Christian faith. The truth of God's Word holds the entire universe together—the power of the cross changes lives.
Too many poorly instructed teachers with their own agenda have led people astray The Word of God and Power of the Gospel are not received by the people it was intended to reach. The purpose is to teach people the freedom Jesus purchased for us. Most Christians teachers don't teach the power given to the believers under the New Covenant, but make it more like rehashed version of the Law. Many Christian live in fear of God and not in praise for the mercy and gifts they have received through Jesus.
As Christians we all need to faithfully read the Word of God for ourselves – trust what the Holy Spirit says to us— stop gathering so many teachers to tell us what God says. God speaks! Our personal happiness does not depend on circumstances—that is a lie from Satan. Other people are not the source of happiness, in fact most people will disappoint us at some point. They will not follow through with promises that will dash our hopes.
 Happiness is not found in a place, a job, health or wealth. Our personal happiness begins and ends with a personal relationship with Jesus – where our true peace, happiness, purpose, wealth and health are. We can't live without Him. He is the vine and we are the branches.

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