Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Knowledge of Faith

Although we can't see God with our natural eyes – His love, His word and His truth is everywhere. Every waking hour we are confronted with the overwhelming evidence of God, from other people to plants, animals, sky, moon and stars. The fact that God has never violated His Word stands evident to us as well. But, we are confronted with another fact that things are not right. Evil desires that cause fighting, discontent, lying, cheating, stealing and betrayal don't seem to have a rightful place in this symphony of beauty.

Many people have been exposed to some teaching out of the Bible either by movies, television, other people's thoughts or even at church. We know something in our heart, even if we don't understand it. We all have an intuitive knowledge of God, but that is where it ends for most people. The things they think about God determine how they pursue God. The Holy Spirit is constantly pursuing people, revealing His love, hope, acceptance and peace. Drawing people to a deeper relationship with Him.

Most people who've experience an encounter with the Holy Spirit and sense that hope, joy, peace and acceptance will in turn try to pursue Him, but fall away as soon as that feeling has past. Many times they will quit the pursuit because of what other people say. Still others continue on and rediscover that love, hope, joy and peace.

Unfortunately, many people including Christians dishonor the Lord by believing the opinions of others. Those who don't know the Lord say the Lord is out to punish them and even those who have a strained relationship with the Lord will believe similar things. Some Christians are taught to believe twisted scriptures to make the tote the line, made to feel unworthy and having to earn favor with God to receive from Him.

For many years I had the wrong impression of God through the opinions of others including pastors, teachers and other Christian examples. What they said about God and how He does things was different than what I was reading in the Bible that inspired my heart. I had a conflict and had to make a choice what I was going to believe. Through the eyes of faith, I began seeking God, believing the scriptures above what others said and God spoke to my heart and confirmed to me the truth.

It has taken many years to undo the damage of others opinions and twisted scripture teaching and removing the lies. It takes effort and faith, but it is well worth it. If you want to truly know God you've got to get somethings straight in your heart. You've got to understand that God loves you unconditionally, everything that kept you apart from God was dealt with at the cross. Seeing God with the right prospective opens the gates to the overwhelming blessings. The Lord takes great pleasure in restoring all that has been stolen from you.

Psalms 119:140 “Your promises have been thoroughly tested; that's why I love them so much.”

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