Saturday, June 21, 2014

Faith in Living

We hear the word “faith” all the time. It means different things to different people. Most people think of faith as a place as in “house of faith” or a teaching or doctrine. The worldly meaning of faith is trusting in the physical, what can be seen—but the true meaning of faith is trust in God – our creator, our mentor, our savior, who can not be seen with our natural eyes.

Placing faith in things that are seen versus things that are not, is not real faith. It doesn't take faith to accept what we see in the natural world, but it does take faith to see what is in the spiritual world. We don't need huge faith to see the miracles of God, just a smidgen is all it takes.

The number one faith killer is doubt or unbelief. No matter what you ask for, hope for or pray for, if there is a smidgen of doubt or unbelief it totally cancels out your request or desire. If when we ask God for something, like a beggar and not His child, we will not get it. That is an action of unbelief.

In order to receive from God your heart has to believe Him, know He will not withhold any good thing from you. Just like when you accepted Jesus. Something spoke to your heart and you wanted that and believed it. This is one of the keys to the kingdom. You have to believe God loves you unconditionally and never has any ill-will towards you.

Paul wrote to the Corinthian church to confirm that they, the believers, were the temple of the living God. You have to know that God lives in you. You have to know that His power works through you, but His power can not be released if you have doubt and unbelief residing in you.

So the Christian life begins with Jesus coming into you at salvation. He brought His power and authority in you, but if you are not living a faith filled life, by accepting and believing this most basic principal, you will be overcome by the natural world and its lies.

Encourage your faith! Grow it. Nurture it. Live it

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