Thursday, August 8, 2013

Where's God? The Good News

The good news is that God has never left us. I've heard some false teaching that God walked away from mankind after the sin in the garden. Then I've heard people teach if we seek Him and if we are especially good that maybe, just maybe He will have mercy on us and let us live or better yet, let us into heaven. Those are all lies. There is not one person holy enough, good enough or righteous enough to earn God's favor.

You might be thinking – Well what about Jesus? The Bible says He was Holy, Righteous and True. This is fact, however Jesus was God appearing to us in the flesh. He was not created from the corrupted seed that all people have inherited through Adam.

So what is the good news? The good news is that God loves us unconditionally-that means without conditions, no strings! He is the one who chose us and is seeking us out. We might have heard that God loves us unconditionally, but how does that resonate in us? What do you truly believe?

The nutshell Gospel is: God loves the world and the people He created, that when people believed a lie and abused the power He gave them, it made them enemies. To restore all things to their intended purpose The Father gave up His own Son to make full payment for the lies people believed about the Father and to reveal the truth about the Father. Any person who has eyes to see and ears to hear and believes this message will enter into relationship with God the Father because of the full payment of His Son Jesus made on the cross. Those who believe receive full Sonship with all the rights and privileges as the children of the King, including full access to the Father. They have received the same holiness and right standing that the perfect Son Jesus has. They will also receive the same power that Jesus had on earth.

This is the full truth of the Gospel of Jesus –That is what the New Testament says. Why haven't we been clearly taught these truths. Why does the church keep people under the Law—which keeps us in bondage to sin and away from the freedom, power and grace of God. Why isn't the authority that God has given us to do things being more boldly emphasized?

I praise God that He doesn't leave us to figure things out on our own, but gently guides us back to the scriptures. He brings godly teaches in our lives whose understanding is a little more mature than we are, helping us untangle the web of deception and show us the truth.

You need to ask yourself a couple questions, just how much do you believe God loves you? Meditate on John 3:16. Then ask yourself do you really think Jesus paid for all the sins of the world – that's everybody who has ever lived or will live. Or do you think He died just for the nice people? Ponder these scriptures 2 Corinthians 5:19, Romans 4:8

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