Friday, May 3, 2013

Hope – Changing Times

Spring is a not only the season of new life, but also a season of planting. I love getting outside and getting my hands dirty. Before any work begins, I make careful decisions to what plants I want to go where. Any gardener knows you just can't plant haphazardly. Every plant must be planted in just the right location for it to grow and survive. Too much sun or water can devastate the crop.

Preparing the ground is another task that must be complete before planting can begin. Weeds, debris, rocks and other materials must be removed. A time consuming task that is rewarded when cultivating and nurturing the young plants begins.

While writing this article, the Lord began speaking to my heart reminding me that He is the Chief Gardener. Before we were born, He planned and designed us. He knew our parents. He knew where and when we'd be born. It is not chance that we are here now, in this age. We were placed in just the right environment to grow and survive. Amazing, isn't it.

The Lord also reminded me how He prepares the ground of our hearts to receive Him. How times of trouble and certain circumstances cultivate us for greater use. He builds faith and endurance for the road ahead. He never allows too much trouble or too much circumstance that would cause us to falter in faith or trust. Of course, there are those of us who sometimes choose the wrong path and get caught up in our own trouble.

I am also reminded about the three rules of gardening: Seed – Time – Harvest. Oh, how we want the harvest before the seed is planted! I visualize my crop. How luscious and delicious they will be, before I've planted one seed. But there is much work to be done.

Inside each seed is the blueprint for each plant. The seed needs to be planted in the right soil for it to germinate and begin to sprout. Moisture and warmth are key to this process of germination. Once the seed has sprouted, it makes its journey up to the sunlight, where it continues to develop into the plant.

Time is the element of patience. The development of the plant is a daily process. It does not produce it's fruit the day it bursts through the soil. No, it is a continual process. Even though the harvest is a long way off, everyday grows closer.

The time of harvest, for me is a time of great pleasure. Enjoying the fruit of my time and effort is very rewarding. A sense of accomplishment and pride in a job well done, makes the long wait worth every minute.

This same principal used in planting has spiritual implications. When we pray and seek God for His will, His provision, His blessing, His guidance – Remember the seed, time and harvest. The Lord always answers. Like the seed, even though we may not see anything happening right away, believe something is taking place. It will take time before we start to see results, but know the harvest is coming!

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From Carols Quill said...

What a lovely way to think about God planting seeds. You're so right that the harvest will come. The wait is worth it because God is in charge.