Sunday, April 24, 2011

Shepherd – Part 1

“The Lord is my shepherd, I everything I need” Psalms 23:1 NLT

The most endearing of the Psalms is the 23rd. This the first Psalm taught to children to build the foundation of truth in their young lives. This Psalm details the greatness of God and His love to us.

In the first verse we learn it's the Lord (Master/Supreme Ruler) who is our shepherd. From the first words the objective is achieved. The Master and Supreme Ruler of everything is the One who takes care of us as a shepherd.

The role of the shepherd is vital in the lives of his flock. Without the guidance of the shepherd the sheep can not survive. Shepherd means “Caretaker and Guardian” The shepherd is responsible to feed, lead and protect the sheep.

For the sheep to follow the shepherd there are two things that must occur. The first the sheep must identify the shepherd. The basic recognition is the sound of his voice. Jesus said, “My sheep recognize my voice and follow me” (John 10:5.) This is the establishment of relationship and trust. If someone else calls to the sheep, they will not follow.

The second thing that is established is a home. Sheep know where they belong and have a sense of security within a flock. Although they tend to wonder off easily, they usually stay within range of the shepherd's voice. (John 10:27).

Sheep need constant supervision because they become preoccupied with grazing, following the next tasty treat; they find themselves alone without the protection of the flock or the shepherd. They tend to play “follow the leader” whoever that maybe. They frighten easily and can not rest if they are disturbed.

Sheep that are lost are easy prey for all kinds of predators. They have no fangs or claws to defend themselves and no sense of aversion. Once under attack it doesn't take much to kill these animals, most die of fright.

Like sheep, we have a herd mentality, we wonder off easily, have very few defenses, we can't rest if disturbed, and have a poor sense of direction. Eating our way to the illusion that the next tasty treat will be the last satisfying morsel of the day, until we want something else. We need our shepherd to watch over, protect and care for us. Our shepherd knows what is best for us. He has charted a course for our lives and will see it fulfilled.

It should bring comfort to know that the Master and Supreme Ruler of everything is our Shepherd. Who never leaves his flock. Who knows where each and everyone of us is all the time. Who knows our personalities and knows why we react to situations the way we do. Whose voice we hear calling us when we are lost and the same voice brings comfort when we are frightened.

There is a vast chasm between our Wants and Needs. Whenever a “want” comes into our vocabulary, there is usually some type of self serving agenda attached, which is anything that will bring you pleasure and not greatly benefit someone else.

Paul wrote to the Ephesians; “How we praise God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with EVERY spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms, because we belong to Christ.” (Ephesians 1:3 NLT)

With the Lord God as our shepherd, have everything we need.

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