Saturday, August 28, 2010

True Passion

When people hear the word: Passion, they immediately think of sensual passion, but the true meaning of passion is far from this fleshly attitude, it is the driving force of life. Passion inspires, ignites and moves us directions we never dreamed possible. Passion is what drives an artist to paint or to chisel a sculpture out of stone; a poet to compose a sonnet; an explorer to go farther than his predecessors or a craftsman to perfect his craft.

It was passion that brought Jesus to earth. It was passion that held him on the cross, not the nails. It was passion that caused the first disciples to take the gospel to all nations, regardless of personal cost. The Bible is a book of God’s passion for his creation, which continues to this day. He is ever-present to the fears and concerns of his children.

You may not have considered Elohim, which means “the Sovereign, Mighty Creator”, as passionate, but that is the heart of God. He has stopped at nothing to open his arms of love to us. We are his creation and glory. By our very existence proves his love is unconditional. He is patient, kind, merciful and ready to forgive (Numbers 14:18). We may feel so small and insignificant in the grand theme, but when we truly draw near to the one who loves us unconditionally, we begin to live with his passion.

Passion and Zeal are quite different. Passion presses harder; is more intense, and is a driving force that stops at nothing; where Zeal leads to a goal. Unfortunately zeal can be misguided passion. This is what Jesus confronted during his earthly ministry. He outraged the zealous religious leaders with his passion and not observing their traditions. The Jewish leaders had become so ingrained with religious baggage that they could not see the author of life standing right in front of them.

As we read scripture, we find that many people were filled with this passion. Paul authored many letters in the New Testament, within a few sentences his heart is revealed, Jesus was the driving force of his life. Paul devoted the rest of his life to this passionate pursuit. He inspired others to join him in dumping the religious baggage and live the life that God gave us. He learned the secret of God’s passionate love and was willing to share this truth.

Yes, we are new creations, created in Jesus to live with passion; it is the heart of the gospel. So how have you approached this new life in Christ? Are you stopping at nothing to reach the lost with the good news of freedom, using every gift and talent to its fullest potential for the kingdom of God? If not start today pursuing Jesus with all your heart, mind, body and soul.

Jesus said, “If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give it up for me, you will find it” (Matthew 10:39 NLT)

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